sabato 27 settembre 2014

un PO diverso, un PO di Eros

un PO diverso, un PO di Eros


Bernardo Lanzetti partecipa al Festival della letteratura e dell’arte erotica con 5 opere pittoriche

mercoledì 10 settembre 2014

'VOX in PROGress' al lavoro...

Prossimo appuntamento di 'VOX in PROGress':

Giovedì 18 settembre, ore 21 @ Fattoria di Vigheffio (Via Vigheffio 17 - Collecchio, Parma) insieme a New Trolls.

INFO: 345 8613696 /

lunedì 8 settembre 2014

“Forty Years Of Voice Impossible”

Photo by Renzo De Grandi

Bernardo Lanzetti


 VOX 40”

“Forty Years Of Voice Impossible”

In 1973, Bernardo Lanzetti, with “Acqua Fragile”, did record that  first album by the same name. In 2013, to celebrate 40 years of voice and music. have been produced some dedicated events. A unique event called “VOX 40” took place in Parma, Italy, at Teatro Al Parco on May 28, 2013.
“The first part of the concert will feature Tango Spleen Orchestra, a small modern/classical unit working around Acqua Fragile music. I found those musicians having a very Prog sound, a bit like Astor Piazzolla played by Gentle Giant. Right after, my voice will of course cut through PFM music up to CCLR songs, touching avant-garde compositions driven by my Glovox.” B.L.
Since 1973, first with “Acqua Fragile”, following with “PFM”, Bernardo Lanzetti has always been one of the finest Progressive Rock vocalists. After touring  Japan, Canada, UK and the US, in the 80ies, he went solo as a recording artist also devoting himself to voice and electronics experimentations that led him to invent a unique device called Glovox , a glove with pick ups to be placed on his throat to detect vibrations from his vocal chords, signals to be afterword processed like an electric guitar or synthesizer.     
Also very active as an actor/vocalist, Bernardo has performed in avant-garde theatres in Parma and Milan. He has worked with many other well known artists including Giorgio Gaslini, Ivano Fossati, classic-contemporary composer Maurizio Pisati and performed or recorded with British artists such as David Jackson (VdGG) , Ian Mosley (Marillion), Frank Ricotti, Steve Simpson (Roger Chapman’s Shortlist), Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Steve Hackett (Genesis), and Greg Lake (King Crimson, ELP).
Chosen by Bruce Springsteen management, Lanzetti has been translating the lyrics of the album “Nebraska”into Italian. He also did translate dialogs for cult movies like “Without Air” by Neil Abramson and “Pushing Hands” by Oscar winner Ang Lee.
As voice and word performer, Bernardo Lanzetti has produced and released a 3 CD collection: “ECLECTICLANZ”, sung in different languages, ancient Greek included, while putting together different form of arts like painting, video, and even fashion fabric packaging.                           
 “BLUESLANZ” a blues oriented mini album and the intense “DYLANZ”, a tribute to Bob Dylan songs, do celebrate the artist’s triptych.
In 2011, CCLR (Cavalli Cocchi, Lanzetti, Roversi), a new Trio, was formed to be signed by Esoteric, the famous UK label, that released their first album worldwide.
Bernardo Lanzetti’s voice does span over more than three octaves with a remarkable power and flexibility. In “Fango” a theatre play after Shakespeare’s Macbeth featuring Giuseppe Verdi’s opera music, Mr.Lanzetti has been singing both tenor and a sort of soprano parts. Sometimes he can even work with just the lower part of his vocal chords producing a subtle and disturbing sound he called “Voice Of Darkness”.
“VOX 40” that will also host paintings, drawings and video animations by Bernardo Lanzetti, is meant to be taken on tour in the future.

Bernardo Lanzetti - VOX 40 - "Forty Years of Voice Impossible" - Live

Recorded at Teatro al Parco, Parma, Italy, May 28, 2013

Songs originally from the album "Mass-Media Stars", 1974, by Acqua Fragile

Il blog di Bernardo Lanzetti:


Bernardo Lanzetti & Tango Spleen Orquestra-Marino Speranza, conductor and piano-Andrea Marras, violin - Elena Luppi, viola - Gian Luca Ravaglia, upright bass - Silvio Jara, guitar & percussions - Francesco Bruno, bandoneon - Anna Palumbo, percussions - Bernardo Lanzetti, lead vocals and acoustic guitar

plus...  Adrien Ensemble String Quartet: Jcopo Cavalli, violin - Cecilia Bolognesi, violin - DavideBerselli, viola - Paola Herbertson, cello.
Anna Barbazza - Alex Giallombardo, backing vocals.
Special guests: Piero Cannavera, drums - Franz Dondi, electric Bass

Produced by Amneris Bonvicini & Bernardo Lanzetti
Audio Tracks -  Produced by Bernardo Lanzetti
Video DVD - Produced by Bernardo Lanzetti & MARACASH Records