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Acqua Fragile's new album: Bernardo Lanzetti telling us... 1° PART

Esoteric Antenna & Cherry Red Records are very pleased to announce the release of the new album by Italian Progressive Rock legends Acqua Fragile.

A New Chant features original members Piero Canavera, Franz Dondi and Bernardo Lanzetti, who have reunited after forty-four years to record brand new material.
The project is also notable for the presence of some very special guests, including Pete Sinfield, Nick Clabburn, Tango Spleen and Grammy Award winning drummer Jonathan Mover

Acqua Fragile - A New Chant is released on Esoteric Antenna on October 14th 2017


Acqua Fragile # 3
first episode

Bernardo telling us:

In may 2013, I did celebrate my forty years in music with a unique event called “VOX 40” .

Welcomed by an exhibition of my artwork, the audience attended a concert where up to twenty seven musicians gathered to play tracks off the different bands Bernardo Lanzettihad done vocals for, over the years.
On that occasion, all five original members of Acqua Fragile happened to meet...

... after a long while and Piero Canavera on drums plus Franz Dondi on bass, even got a chance to play a couple of tracks off “Acqua Fragile” and “Mass Media Stars” along with Tango Spleen, a smart modern classical ensemble.

The idea of working on a new album took form quite naturally even though Gino Campanini (guitar and vocals) and Maurizio Mori (keyboards) confessed could not join in. Quite nice though, Alessandro Mori, Maurizio’s son - a talented young drummer previously with Glenn Hughes and Bobby Kimball - right after that show, suggested he could be guest on one of the brand new tracks.

The start off was not that easy. The band wanted to keep A F vocal harmonies but we were missing one voice and we had no key man!
A few subjects, hanging around the band, enthusiastically, were giving suggestions and advices resulting in slowing down the whole project.
Several keyboardists and guitarists showed up and quit but we had a bit more of luck with Alessandro Giallombardo on guitar, backing vocals and keys too.

Even though he wouldn’t join the band, Piero, Franz and Bernardo could get enough energy to carry on the project.

To be continued in the next days...

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