venerdì 14 giugno 2019

The comment by Bernardo Lanzetti to a review concerning "PFM: The Manticore Studio Albums 1973-1977"

Only now I am made aware of a review that appeared online December 17, 2018. Since the albums mentioned involve me, I am obliged to provide a few comments.

We do not know if the self-styled Mike Ainscoe, with his online space "Louder Than War", is really British but, in view of the Brexit, it seems that the review model of the albums of the historic Prog, in this case "The Manticore Tapes" by PFM, is the one of the Soviet Russia.
In fact, what can we say about the Historical Revisionism that gave birth in 1970 to PFM, a name that will appear only later? How not to shudder at the failure leaving out all the historical authors such as Franco Mussida, Flavio Premoli, Mauro Pagani as well as ignoring the poet Pete Sinfield author of the lyrics of "Photos of Ghosts" and the bassist of that album Giorgio Piazza. Not even the substitute bassist Patrick Djivas is mentioned as well as the lead singer and author Bernardo Lanzetti, the songwriter Marva Jan Marrow and the violinist Greg Bloch, while the reader gets suspended in a round of words that imply the drummer Di Cioccio as sole founder of the band and lead singer from the very start! Exhilarating and grotesque is, in fact, to give him credit of the vocal parts on the album "Jet Lag", in detail.
Maybe Mike is a great listener and a genius of writing but certainly not a careful reader of album credits. 

However, if some Prog lovers want to have a laugh they can check out the following link:

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